Yearly flow

We introduce one year of Komazawa Table Tennis Club


The new year begins with the new semester.
graduation ceremony and entrance ceremony season can't use gymnasium .
usually practice will resume from the second week of April.
we can't usually practice and we do voluntary practice in Citizen's gymnasium..
levy of club fee. begins.We will prepare for Setagaya-ku team match, which will usually take place on the GW.
recent years we do flower viewing in Komazawa Park .


Setagaya-ku first-half team match is held on the annual GW. In Komazawa Table Tennis Club, in 2019, 8 men's teams and 3 women's teams participate.this is maximum number of teams in the team that belongs to Setagaya-ku Table Tennis Federations.


The heat is severe because there is no air conditioning in the gymnasium. when this season,We may also prepare a drink for club cost.


When the Setagaya Championship passes, it will be an practice for the Latter half team match.We may change team formation with the first half.


When it gets cold, the morning gathering tends to be late.You can practice a lot if you come early in the morning (9 o'clock).
there are 「koma festa」by Komazawa Sport Culture Club(KSCC) in November.We participate in table tennis experience classrooms and food stalls at our club.
We have year-end party or new year party every year.


We hold a general meeting once a year. agenda is policy and team formation towards new year.Team formation is hard because There are many member.


this season can't use gymnasium because there is graduation ceremony and entrance we do voluntary practice in Citizen's gymnasium.